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Roof cleaning in Brentwood is a necessary expense that every homeowner should undertake as part of their home maintenance. Some money spent on keeping your home roofing in a good condition is ultimately a lot of money saved. The reason is that the accumulation of algae, moss and debris on your roof can cause extensive damage to it and it may lead to expensive repair bills or even replacement in the long run. So professional roof cleaning is an expense that should be considered as part of the home maintenance programme. Even while you can do it on your own, there are many valid reasons that you should opt for professional services for the job. At the same time, there is a need to realize the significance of choosing only an expert provider because after all, you are spending money and should not settle for anything but the best. 

What is the Roof cleaning method ?

To begin with, you need to justify the expense that you are going to make on roof cleaning in Brentwood. The obvious question has an obvious answer- roof cleaning is a worthy investment for your home because it keeps the roofing in a great condition and prolongs its lifespan. This means that you can save on expensive repairs and replacements in the long run. Mould, algae, and moss can eat into the roof tiles and weaken them over a period of time. They can also deprive your home of its aesthetic appeal. Similarly, the accumulation of dirt and debris can also affect the energy efficiency of your home and can cause health hazards for the family as well.

Regular checks and inspection of your Brentwood home roof should be taken to appraise its condition. The appearance of black stains on the roof surface is a matter of concern because it is an indication of algae growth.
Algae are an airborne spore that houses itself on the surface of the roof tiles. When it rains, the algae can spread around and cause more stains and weaken the roof structure over a period of time. Professional cleaning is required to get rid of algae deposits and moss to ensure that they never reappear. At Britannia Exterior Cleaning Services in Brentwood, we manually scrape the moss from roofs using a specially designed tool with blades cut to match the shape of any tiles. After we have scraped any moss from the roof we apply a biocide chemical using a soft washing technique to kill any remaining spores of moss and biofilm. The biocide will continue you to work on the roof and with the weather cycles, the contaminants will continue to break down and shed from the roof. Over the coming months, the true appearance of the roof will be revealed.


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